Pepper Visual Skills for Reading Test

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The Pepper Visual Skills for Reading Test (VSRT)™ provides the low vision therapist with an accurate and reliable estimate of a reader’s ability in the visual components of the reading process. The instrument can also indicate areas of potential problems that may be addressed in an instruction program. The Pepper VSRT™ has been developed to assess the reading performance of adult readers who were reading efficiently before the onset of macular disease that creates central scotomas which inhibit efficient reading.


  • 3 forms/versions in 5 print sizes
    (1M, 1.6M, 2M. 3.2M and 4M)
  • Instruction manual with score sheets for each form

In this third edition of the Pepper Visual Skills for Reading Test™ , the font and sizing have changed slightly. The original Pepper Test™ was developed using print technology that is no longer available, and the original printing plates were inadvertently destroyed.

Further, the original Pepper Test™ cards were printed and published prior to the concept of “critical print size” for reading, and the advent of acuity and reading charts with logarithmic size progression of symbols for more accurate testing. The authors and publishers have created a new set of print cards that are as close to the original Pepper Test as can be managed using computer-generated fonts and chart sizes that correspond to logarithmic steps in visual acuity charts. This third edition of the Pepper Test™ is an updated but faithful rendition of the original.

In addition, we have responded to requests from the field to print the test cards on a more durable material, and we have double-sided the cards to make the test easier to use and more light-weight for peripatetic professionals.

Pepper Visual Skills for Reading Test (VSRT)™

Pepper Test

VSRT Pepper Test™

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Free Download: Pepper Reading Test – Manual (.pdf)
Download: Additional Pepper VSRT score sheets – Form 1, Form 2, Form 3

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Pepper Test VSRT™ was previously published by In The Zonule Productions.