Testimonials and Endorsements

I have just received #101 that I ordered via Optometria.pl. and I must say that I am really impressed by your simulator!
It offers – as I expected – the closest simulation of macular degeneration I have came across so far.

So I must say: BIG THANK YOU!

Mikołaj RPoland

The glasses you have supplied are fantastic. We have a stand at a conference next week and another event during summer that we can use them for. Will definitely keep you in mind for further simulators as needed.

Mike Potter
Auckland, New Zealand

here's our simulators on this vision brochure by uw madison

The Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at the  University of Wisconsin – Madison uses a picture of our simulator on its education brochure.

The Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
University of Wisconsin, Madison

These simulators are superb. I am using them in running courses for Optometrists in NHS Education Scotland and will be soon using them in courses across England for Optometrists & Dispensing Opticians on behalf of Associated Optical Ltd. We have used several simulators in the past but these are truly ideal for purpose – they give an excellent simulation of VI for both professionals and carers. I recommend them without hesitation.

Jane Macnaughton
MCOptom, Prof Cert LV

Optometrist & low Vision Practitioner

I use the vision simulator goggles as a part of the Adult Vision Screener Training/Certification course that we provide for University Nursing programs and pre-health students. The simulators give the students an opportunity to understand vision impairments and serious eye condition that people face. This is extremely beneficial in preparing students to work with older adults when they enter the workforce.

Jennifer Kessler
Community Health Education Manager

Prevent Blindness Wisconsin​

We use the vision simulator goggles in our Diabetic Eye Disease Educator Program, which is a course delivered to nurses, diabetic educators, registered dietitians and community health workers each year. The goggles allow the participants to understand what challenges their patients experience on a daily basis, due to their loss of vision. They truly offer an added value to our course!​

Tami Radwill, Program Director
​Prevent Bindness Wisconsin

The simulators were a blast. It was a research carnival on campus to show off the cool stuff we do to students and I had quite a few brave souls try on the goggles.

Erin Schambureck
Assistant Professor, Interior Design

Department of Design, Texas Tech University

As our daughter’s vision was failing a few years ago, I purchased several sets of simulators from you at different levels of vision which I used to assist her counsellors, swim coaches, teachers, friends and our neighbors to understand where M was in the spectrum of deteriorating sight. FYI, M now uses these goggles when she presents at her University to various departments exploring how to serve low vision students.”

Diane W.
Ontario, Canada

“…But the real secret to his [the presenter’s] success are the goggles he brings with him that simulate the various types of visual impairment. At the end of the presentation, students are invited to pick a goggle and go walk around the hallways for a few minutes. The change in students is noticeable. They come back to the classroom wanting to talk about the experience. They tell each other “you have to try this pair… okay, what condition is this one again… how would you adapt to this condition…?”. The presentation provides lots of information, but most importantly it provides a real life experience. I think the empathy and insight students gained will remain long after the words are forgotten.”

…regarding the Visual-Eyes workshop where we used your vision simulation goggles. They were very popular and proved to be extremely useful in communicating the importance of eye health. I have attached a photo of a child wearing the goggles and doing a jigsaw, as well as a photo of the giant eyeball we built and used as the workshop set.

Augusta Macdonald, Events Development
Edinburgh International Science Festival