Reading Skills Assessments

Assessments, Tests and Workbooks for the Vision Rehabilitation Professional

Fork in the Road is proud to be the exclusive publisher of classic assessment and training materials for the low vision practitioner. The Pepper Test, LUV Reading Workbook and Morgan LVRCA were developed by teams of researchers and clinicians under the supervision of Gale R. Watson, a leader in the field of vision rehabilitation for over 40 years. These materials were originally printed in the pre-digital age and became difficult or impossible to locate. We are very excited to have brought them back for use by today's vision rehabilitation professional. The FRAST is a new screening tool developed by Dr. Stephen Whittaker to meet the need for a low cost, easily transportable and quick screening tool. Those who have taken Dr Whittaker's courses and online seminars, as well as those who have not, will find that the FRAST offers an affordable, conveniently bound set of materials for low vision screening.


Pepper Visual Skills for Reading Test (VSRT) -- provides the low vision therapist with an accurate and reliable estimate of a reader’s ability in the visual components of the reading process. The instrument can also indicate areas of potential problems that may be addressed in an instruction program. The Pepper VSRT™ has been developed to assess the reading performance of adult readers who were reading efficiently before the onset of macular disease that creates central scotomas which inhibit efficient reading.

Learn to Use your Vision for Reading Workbook (LUV)-- is a workbook designed to help adult, developed readers with recent or long-term macular loss to acquire skills that will help them to continue to read for utility and pleasure. LUVReading™ can serve as a resource for the low vision instructor, providing at-home practice readings to supplement and reinforce clinical instruction.

Morgan Low Vison Reading Comprehension Assessment (LVRCA) – is a measure of reading comprehension that is designed for use with adults who have low vision due to macular degeneration. The test can be used to determine an approximate reading level in order to assist the professional in suggesting reading materials of appropriate difficulty for these readers. It can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of instruction and/or practice in increasing reading comprehension. Assessments, Tests and Workbooks for the Vision Rehabilitation Professional

Functional Reading Acuity Screening Test (FRAST) -- is a low cost, non-standardized logarithmic reading acuity test from 0.4M (20/20) up to 8.0M (20/400) size with typical line spacing and variable line length to simulate everyday reading material. Images of medication labels, cereal boxes, bills and package instructions are included to evaluate functional reading as well.