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Laura Giardina with white cane, Italy

This Low Vision Simulator client has begun talking about her experience of being visually impaired and using our simulators, she is providing a structured experience to her classes.

"I think you had a brilliant idea. Your simulator will give a great help in my daily life, in my relationships and help me to educate people about sight disease."

Once you get past this elaboration and acceptance phase, you can start welcome the white cane, discovering that it can only bring us benefits. I’d like to share with you my experience and tell you how precious object is to me, as much as to have changed the quality of my life, Read her story: Laura Giardina

Photos and text (Italian): students trying Low Vision Simulators in their class

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  • Anatomy of the eye Interactive site for learning about eye anatomy. Great for visual learners, but not too useful without vision.