Thank you so much for the over and above effort on this order!

We use these simulators in team building sessions with local business leaders alongside adaptive technology demonstrations and a tour of our adapted facility to help them better understand vision loss and how they can support co-workers, family, and friends who are losing their vision. We also use them with future physical therapy/training/PE students at a local university. They are used in our community resource fairs and educational sessions. They are a wonderful tool that we have used quite a lot. Thank you!

Donna Faust Aman
Executive Director, Outlook Enrichment

Omaha, NE

…I wanted to personally thank you once again for the cane training. I have been able to pick up my son at school for several days now since the weather has been holding. I also have been to the grocery store numerous times without anyone. I really do appreciate the training. I look forward to working with you in the near future. Thank you once again.

Onalaska, WI

I’m happy to share that our low-vision exhibit featuring your goggles was a huge hit during the Life Sciences Fair on Capitol Hill last night.

I took your advice and had several of the young Congressional staff members try to navigate the buffet line with the goggles on. Even the brief experience of trying to collect “three carrots and two strawberries” clearly left an impact.

I’m really grateful for your excellent goggles and look forward to using them again in future ARVO outreach efforts.

Matt Windsor, PhD
Senior Manager, Science Communications

ARVO: Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology

after an event on Capitol Hill, Washington DC

I’m reaching out to thank you for creating the Low Vision Simulator goggles, which we received last week. We are very excited to have these and thankful that a new and generous donor purchased them for us. I’m very much looking forward to sharing these goggles at our annual volunteer event. I personally have already gained a deep respect for what it’s like to live with low vision just from briefly trying them on.

Amy Collins, Development Director
WRBH Reading Radio

New Orleans, LA

I have just received #101 that I ordered via Optometria.pl. and I must say that I am really impressed by your simulator!
It offers – as I expected – the closest simulation of macular degeneration I have came across so far.

So I must say: BIG THANK YOU!

Mikołaj R. Poland

The glasses you have supplied are fantastic. We have a stand at a conference next week and another event during summer that we can use them for. Will definitely keep you in mind for further simulators as needed.

Mike Potter.
Christian Blind Mission (cbm
Auckland, New Zealand

here's our simulators on this vision brochure by uw madison

The Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at the University of Wisconsin – Madison uses a picture of our simulator on its education brochure.


The Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
University of Wisconsin, Madison

These simulators are superb. I am using them in running courses for Optometrists in NHS Education Scotland and will be soon using them in courses across England for Optometrists & Dispensing Opticians on behalf of Associated Optical Ltd. We have used several simulators in the past but these are truly ideal for purpose – they give an excellent simulation of VI for both professionals and carers. I recommend them without hesitation.

Jane Macnaughton
MCOptom, Prof Cert LV

Optometrist & low Vision Practitioner

I use the vision simulator goggles as a part of the Adult Vision Screener Training/Certification course that we provide for University Nursing programs and pre-health students. The simulators give the students an opportunity to understand vision impairments and serious eye condition that people face. This is extremely beneficial in preparing students to work with older adults when they enter the workforce.

Jennifer Kessler
Community Health Education Manager

Prevent Blindness Wisconsin​

We use the vision simulator goggles in our Diabetic Eye Disease Educator Program, which is a course delivered to nurses, diabetic educators, registered dietitians and community health workers each year. The goggles allow the participants to understand what challenges their patients experience on a daily basis, due to their loss of vision. They truly offer an added value to our course!​

Tami Radwill, Program Director
​Prevent Bindness Wisconsin

The simulators were a blast. It was a research carnival on campus to show off the cool stuff we do to students and I had quite a few brave souls try on the goggles.

Erin Schambureck
Assistant Professor, Interior Design

Department of Design, Texas Tech University

As our daughter’s vision was failing a few years ago, I purchased several sets of simulators from you at different levels of vision which I used to assist her counsellors, swim coaches, teachers, friends and our neighbors to understand where M was in the spectrum of deteriorating sight. FYI, M now uses these goggles when she presents at her University to various departments exploring how to serve low vision students.”

Diane W.
Ontario, Canada

…But the real secret to his [the presenter’s] success are the goggles he brings with him that simulate the various types of visual impairment. At the end of the presentation, students are invited to pick a goggle and go walk around the hallways for a few minutes. The change in students is noticeable. They come back to the classroom wanting to talk about the experience. They tell each other “you have to try this pair… okay, what condition is this one again… how would you adapt to this condition…?”. The presentation provides lots of information, but most importantly it provides a real life experience. I think the empathy and insight students gained will remain long after the words are forgotten.”

Edinburgh International Science Festival logo…regarding the Visual-Eyes workshop where we used your vision simulation goggles. They were very popular and proved to be extremely useful in communicating the importance of eye health. I have attached a photo of a child wearing the goggles and doing a jigsaw, as well as a photo of the giant eyeball we built and used as the workshop set.  

Young boy trying a task with low vision Woman inside eyeball exhibit talking about what her job is

Augusta Macdonald, Events Development
Edinburgh International Science Festival

The goggles are awesome! When I do a workshop they are very popular. Thanks for making such a wonderful product!

Diana Deacon
Vision Education Specialist and COM Outreach Services
Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind

I recently received a pair of your goggles simulating 10 degrees of tunnel vision. I am very pleased with these goggles and have had the opportunity to let several people try them, so they can understand a little better how I see the world. I won’t tell you the grown up’s verbal response, but my teenage daughters tried them and after about three minutes said, “This isn’t fun.” Then they told me they understood a little better how I felt.

They were interesting for me, too. While my vision is severely limited (98% gone), I have always realized that I am very fortunate because the 2% that remains is in just the right place and with strong glasses is good. These goggles made me realize once again how fortunate I am.

I will be giving presentations to educate the public about retinal disease and the Foundation Fighting Blindness. I plan to let people try these goggles after my talk. Perhaps if this goes well, I’ll get goggles simulating other diseases. I think that would prove interesting to the public.

Roger Buchanan, Author
the blog: The RP Prism

It’s a pleasure to deal with you, your simulators are really useful and a great aid in our work.

Anna Bartolucci
Orientation and Mobility Specialist
Epicure Association
St. Gaudens, France

We have 140 staff members and did a staff meeting whereby each staff member had to wear them for a period of time. They were amazed at how our patients see. It was one of the best things we’ve ever done to educate our staff members.You are a delight to work with.

Cindy Baxter
Marketing Director, The Eye Associates
Bradenton, FL

Thank you for the goggles. We used them for a diabetes awareness expo and they were a big hit!!!
Much appreciated.

Christopher Lopez
Training/Education Specialist

…we received the simulator yesterday. The young man’s mom was absolutely thrilled. His teachers are having a hard time believing or understanding that he has a vision problem. (You know the scenario.) She was very pleased to have the simulator to show everyone at the next IEP meeting so that the appropriate accommodations will be made for him.

Nan Bulla
Low Vision Services of Austin

Fork in the Road’s low vision simulators are a great teaching tool: simple, durable and effective for the classroom and the clinic. Students quickly become actively engaged in the learning process and make connections between vision impairment and limitations in occupational performance. Families and team members gain greater insight into the client’s visual limitations.

Assistant Professor Occupational Therapy Director
Graduate Certificate in Low Vision Rehabilitation,
University of Alabama at Birmingham

I have now placed two orders with you and I have to tell you that I LOVE the vision simulators!!! I am using them in sensitivity trainings and my students are gaining an understanding of what elderly people go through and how we can assist them in their everyday lives. Again, thank you for these great products! My search for the perfect training tool is over.

Valarie Drown
NYS Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Alzheimer’s Disease Assistance Center

Plattsburgh NY

The low vision simulators … have proven to be very effective… By asking workshop participants to wear the simulators while engaging in typical workday activities they have developed some appreciation for the challenges posed by a visual impairment.

Stephen G. Largy
Employment Counsellor
Coalition for Persons with Disabilities

…it influenced everything, your gait, your confidence, and your willingness to want to even try.

School of Nursing student
Comments when asked to describe her experiences navigating the hospital while wearing a low vision simulator
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Fork in the Road low vision simulators helped students (and faculty) quickly understand the impact of vision impairment on everyday occupation. Students gained insight into the visual conditions in a way that simple photos or drawings could never provide.

Betty Risteen Hasselkus Ph.D., OTR, FAOTA
Recipient, the AOTA’s 2005 Eleanor Clark Slagle Award
Professor Emeritus Occupational Therapy Program,
University Wisconsin-Madison