Impaired Acuity: Visual acuity of 20/80 (6/24)
Impaired Acuity: Visual acuity of 20/200 (6/60)
Cataract vision simulator 108 - Impaired Acuity: Visual acuity of 20/400 (6/120)
Impaired Acuity: Visual acuity of 20/800 (6/240)
Still life with no vision impairment
Our vision simulators for demonstrating overall vision impairment.
Impaired Acuity: Visual acuity of 20/80 (6/24)
Low Vision Simulators

Cataract Simulators

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Our cataract simulators portray impaired visual acuity across the entire field of vision. They also demonstrate the effect of glare on visual function. While these can be used to simulate cataracts in adults, they can also offer a general understanding of the visual abilities and limitations of those with congenital impairments such as optic nerve hypoplasia, albinism, achromatopsia and others.

Did you know...?

  • Visual acuity of 20/200 (6/60) is maximum level of visual acuity allowed to meet the US standard for "legal blindness" (ICD-9CM "Severe Visual Impairment"). This is presented in item #107 (20/200  6/60).

As is true for many people with cataracts and other impairments, the visual function experienced with these simulators is dramatically affected by the amount of available light and its direction relative to the wearer.

Are you buying this for yourself or a family member who has low vision? Please read what to expect.

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