Our goal is to educate people about low vision

Young boy trying a task with low vision

Edinburgh International Science Festival 2012

Our simulators provide a reasonably accurate picture of some of the functional limitations and abilities that may be experienced with different types of visual impairments. Some of the most common causes of low vision in the developed world are:

Other eye diseases that can cause low vision include RP (retinitis pigmentosa) brain injuries (including strokes).Read More →

How can low vision simulators be used?

International Orientation and Mobility Conference 2015, Montreal

International Orientation and Mobility Conference 2015, Montreal

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    For Professionals:
    These are outstanding educational tools to help teach rehabilitation, education, medical and health care providers about the impact of vision impairment on their patients, clients or students. Low vision simulators can make for a lively in-service or continuing education program.
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    For Non-profit Administrators:
    Would you like to be able to quickly and simply help donors and civic groups understand the impact of vision impairment? Even a few minutes wearing low vision simulators will create a strong, lasting memory
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    For Friends and Family:
    People experiencing low vision have found that these simulators help to get the point across to friends and family who don’t understand the importance of putting things back where they belong, closing the cabinet doors in the kitchen, or not leaving things lying around on the steps. For people with low vision who are highly adapted and “don’t act blind”, they can also help to show others just what you’re putting up with.

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White Cane Day is very special to me

This Low Vision Simulator client has begun talking about her experience of being visually impaired and using our simulators, she is providing a structured experience to her classes.

“I think you had a brilliant idea. Your simulator will give a great help in my daily life, in my relationships and help me to educate people about sight disease.”

Laura Giardina, Italy

Laura Giardina, Italy

Once you get past this elaboration and acceptance phase, you can start welcome the white cane, discovering that it can only bring us benefits.

I’d like to share with you my experience and tell you how precious object is to me, as much as to have changed the quality of my life,

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The Book: “White Cane Day” by Kristen Grender

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