EU UK ordering advice - due to VAT & fees

Dear EU customer ordering less than €150 or UK customer ordering less than £185,

Recent changes in taxation schemes in the EU and UK have put us, as a micro business, in a difficult situation. We are supposed to collect VAT (Value Added Tax) from you and then send it to the EU or the UK. But, to do so will cost us more than the profit we'd make. This is not a good business plan. We are working on a solution but this will probably take a few months.

We'd love to fill your order and here's what will happen (as we understand it): When you place your order for less than €150 or less than £185, the courier (DHL, UPS, mail) will collect the VAT and an additional fee(s) for being the broker and for collecting the fee(s). The fees might cost as much as your original order.

An alternative method:
Customers in Poland can order from Lumen.PL. This is their page for simulators. Other EU and UK customers can place your order with a Swedish company that carries our products. This is their simulator page. We think that this will save money for you, the customer. The fees may be less when purchasing through a company in the EU (we're in the US).

If you do this, we'd love your feedback on how it worked or didn't work.

We are sorry for these problems and are continuing to work on a solution. Let us know if you would like to wait a few months (potentially) to order and we'll put your name and email on a list to notify when this gets figured out.

Thank you.

Marshall Flax,
Fork in the Road