Photos from Rome [Vision simulators in use]

Photos from Facebook - our vision simulators in use in Italy!


"Look through the eyes of a person visually impaired and discover that you can't do some simple actions like using the phone or preparing breakfast. Wearing optical simulators, 70 medical and nursing students were able to experience the condition of patients and discover the difficulties they face in dealing with everyday actions.


All this has been made possible thanks to the association between Tu con i miei Occhi and its founder Laura Giardina. Laura, suffering from degenerative retinitis pigmentosa, told her own experience and answered the questions of the students who, despite having studied the clinical picture and the pathology, were surprised by the results brought to light by the simulation."



The Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome promotes integrated teaching, research and health care facilities, pursuing the good of the person as the ultimate goal of its activities.

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