Age Now With Empathy aging simulation suit includes low vision simulators

The MIT Agelab uses Fork in the Road low vision simulators as a part of its aging simulation suit, AGNES. AGNES (Age Gain Now Empathy System) is a

"suit worn by students, product developers, designers, engineers, marketing, planners, architects, packaging engineers, and others to better understand the physical challenges associated with aging. Developed by AgeLab researchers and students, AGNES has been calibrated to approximate the motor, visual, flexibility, dexterity and strength of a person in their mid-70s. AGNES has been used in retail, public transportation, home, community, automobile, workplace and other environments." 

These activities are similar to the low vision activities we recommend to try with our googles. They used Diabatic Retinopathy, Center Blindess and Impaired Acuity simulators.

The YouTube series, "The Try Guys" showcases AGNES. Fork in the Road simulators are introduced at about 8:23 in the first video.


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