Italy: Podcast featuring Low Vision Simulator Glasses

Fork in the Road products starred in InsideOut Podcast produced by Liceo Statale "G. Bagatta" High School, Desenzano del Garda, Italy

How is the world of the visually impaired?

Translation of words on video:

A surprise, Not always pleasant
Nevertheless, intense and rich of possibilities
All ready for a new experience in the same conditions
Differences become similarities
Your body adapts, slow down your pace, find alternative measures
Discover a new balance which allows you to amplify your creativity
Making it useful for you and others
Asking for help and naturally receiving it
Recognizing ourselves by looking at each other
Even the simplest tasks do not seem so simple
Important questions which require adequate answers
Creativity as a starting point to enrich life

You can help us too by just paying attention to those who at times feels invisible to your eyes.

Thanks from my heart,


Learn more about the students: students trying Low Vision Simulators in their class

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