Reading radio station event features Low Vision Simulators

New Orleans, Louisiana: In April 2018, WRBH broadcasting will hold their annual volunteer lunch to thank to nearly 150 volunteers. Fork in the Road vision simulators will be part of the event.

I’m very much looking forward to sharing these goggles with our volunteers. I personally have already gained a deep respect for what it’s like to live with low vision just from briefly trying them on.

- Amy Collins,
Reading Radio

FM radio station for low vision:

WRBH 88.3 FM began as the dream of a local mathematician, Dr. Robert McClean. Dr. McClean was blind, but he had a vision: a radio reading station that would operate on the FM dial. It is the United States’ first 24-hour reading radio station for the blind.

Today, WRBH remains the nation’s only full-time FM reading radio service and is one of only three such stations in the world. Live stream programming is available through their website at and has a new mobile app available through GooglePlay and iTunes (WRBH Reading Radio).

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